Technology Spider-Man exclusive to PlayStation versions

Spider-Man exclusive to PlayStation versions

Square Enix suicide its game before its launch on Xbox and PC?

It’s in a note posted on the PlayStation Blog that Jeff Adams, Associate Art Director on Marvel’s Avengers, has confirmed that Spider-Man will only be playable on PS4 and PS5. It would not be available when the game launches, but will be added in 2021 during a special event. Of course, it will have its own gameplay and will be fully customizable.

On the Internet, the reactions did not not keep waiting. If of course the pro-PlayStation rejoice, it is rather the anger on Xbox and PC which make it known on Sony’s Twitter. It must be said that removing an iconic and beloved character like Spider-Man who has his own gameplay is like removing a character class in an MMO. As a result, Xbox and PC players are canceling pre-orders, including those claiming to also own a PS4.

While Sony does own the Spider-Man film rights, this is not the case in video games where Sony has a partnership, such as confirmed it Jay Ong, director of Marvel Games. We find Spider-Man in Marvel Ultimate Aliliance 3: The black Order on Switch released in 2019, and he also appeared in 2018 in Marvel Super Heroes 2. Sony has therefore secured exclusivity with Square Enix for Spider-Man . Sony does have the extra character argument, but it hadn’t been for Sony, it would have been unthinkable that Spider-Man wasn’t in an Avengers game. In reality, this kind of agreement usually includes participation in development, or even compensation for losses on competing machines.

Sony tackles gameplay in a game

The problem is actually quite serious. Sony is launching a truly dangerous war for gamers since it touches the very heart of a game. It is not about additional content like missions or cosmetics, but an entire future of gameplay and performance. the balance of the game. Especially since it is not a temporary exclusivity which would have tempered the announcement and the reactions. Sony and Square Enix just simply killed Marvel’s Avengers and dumped some of its interest on Xbox and PC, not to mention lost player confidence. In addition to its popularity, Spider-Man represents a different gameplay, and surely a way to approach challenges differently, and it is without counting if it allows to achieve exploits.

By reserving for itself a character such as Spider-Man, Sony starts a very dangerous war with Microsoft. Until now, the American has had a very fair attitude with Sony. The war was on exclusives and exclusive content, which was more or less accepted by players as the gameplay was not affected. Except that Microsoft has the means to counter Sony and to secure exclusivity in many other games. As a reminder, Microsoft weighs more than 1,300 billion dollars against the 77 that Sony is worth. This announcement is bad for both gamers and Sony’s reputation. By attacking the very heart of a game, Sony sends a very bad signal, that of a coming war without faith or law where only money will speak, even if it means sabotaging games on competing machines.


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