Spider-Man: Releases of Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web postponed for several months…

It’s tradition: to announce bad news on Friday evening, in order to hide it under the carpet of the weekend… Thus, the releases of the next two films of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe have been postponed. Kraven the Hunter is moving from January 13 to October 6, 2023. And Madame Web mechanically drops October 6, 2023 for February 16, 2024 (a date released by Marvel Studios just yesterday). Finally, the mystery film of June 7, 2024 will finally be released on July 12, 2024, two weeks before Thunderbotls (#OnYCroit). Venom 3, is it you ? You can also put a small piece on The deadwhich is still scheduled for January 12, 2024… which of course makes no sense, since Madame Web now coming next month!

[Synopsis extrait des comics] Kraven has hunted down every animal in creation. However, a prey still escapes him: Spider-Man! Determined to prove that he is the master, the Hunter puts on the hero’s costume and usurps his identity after sending him six feet underground.



Kraven the Hunter is made by J.C. Chandor and is released in the United States on October 6, 2023, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Serguei Kravinov), Fred Hechinger (Dimitri Smerdyakov/the Chameleon), Ariana DeBose (Calypso Ezili), Russell Crowe, Alessandro Nivola et Christopher Abbott.

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