Spiderman Lotus: a film premiere with racist controversy in the background

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“Spiderman Lotus”, the film whose budget of barely $25,000 It came from fan funding, it has had a turbulent history to say the least. The film, made by and for fans (yes, without being “canonical” within the Marvel and Sony cinematographic universes), presents the fourth appearance of the superhero in a “live action” productionthis last incarnation being played by the actor Warden Wayne.

However, the “hype” to see the final product on the part of the fans was affected by a series of racist and homophobic messages by the main actor himself who plays the arachnid superhero and by the film’s own director, Gavin J. Konop

Despite the fact that the film retained its good initial impressions, it did not escape controversy. This is due to the leaks of a series of direct messages between Warden Wayne (Peter Parker on the tape) and the director Rope, where they openly spoke racistly.

In light of these leaks, Wayne, in 2022apologized for the comments made through a statement on Twitter and said, among other statements, “belonging to a conservative family, so I used to not think much about the comments I made.” In addition, he assured that he “today he is able to understand the magnitude of his words.”

For its part, Konop published another statement in August 2023where he claimed to “repent again” for what happened a year ago and expressing that he had “made great personal growth”

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