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In view of the World Vegetarian Day on October 1stDalterFood Group invites you to try his a vegetarian reference, the Spinoro. Produced in Italy with high quality cow’s milk from Po farms, it is a hard cheese finely grainy, with a pure straw color and an enveloping aroma. To make it ideal for those following a vegetarian diet is the use of microbial rennet, therefore not animal. The Spinoro is great for cooked dishes or industrial preparations and blends perfectly with the other ingredients.

Produced without preservatives and with a traditional processing method, it is a cheese from fragrant and delicate flavorwhich lends itself to various uses and combinations. The experience gained by DalterFood Group allows it to meet the needs of different targets, from catering operators to the food industry: the company offers it in slices of various sizes, in flakes, cubes, fillets, petals or grated, also in bags and trays in maxi format. All are packaged in a protective atmosphere without drying processes: this allows the product to be maintained fresh for a long time and, once the package is opened, to release all the aroma of the freshly cut cheese.

With the Spinoro, as well as with other peculiar references, DalterFood Group proves to be a partner attentive to food trendscan offer a wide depth of range. Over the years, the awareness of preferring a vegetarian diet has become increasingly rooted, both for the implications on well-being and for aspects of an ethical nature, and World Vegetarian Day was established in 1977 just to remember how decisive the choices at the table can be for our health and the environment.

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The data confirm an ever-increasing attention on the subject: in Italy vegetarians are 5.8% of the population (source: Eurispes 2021 survey *), a slight decrease compared to 2020, in many cases not due to an afterthought, but due to an evolution towards a vegan diet (vegans went from 2.2% in 2020 to 2.4% in 2021). The figure is in line with that European, which stands at 6%, about 45 million people, higher in the countries at the top of the ranking – Germany and Sweden -, where those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet are respectively 11 and 10% of citizens. The consumption of plant-based products in general has increased dramatically, without, however, consumers being pigeonholed into a specific definition: more and more people, in fact, embrace the “flexitarianism”, Which is based on the prevalent consumption of foods of plant origin, not excluding a priori those of animal origin.

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