Sponsoring: Adidas holds Fifa and Uefa despite the Platini arrest

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Adidas holds despite the Platini arrest to Fifa and Uefa

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Philipp Vetter

Michel Platini in police custody

Michel Platini is being taken into police custody in a Parisian suburb. The 63-year-old stands in connection with the World Cup award Qatar under suspicion of corruption.

With the arrest of former Uefa President Michel Platini, Adidas is also sponsoring the question of how to deal with football associations. CEO Kasper Rorsted wants to stick to the cooperation, but draws a red line.

ADidas boss Kasper Rorsted initially wants to draw no conclusions from the arrest of former Uefa President Michel Platini. "We have a very clear opinion: If an association breaks a law, we will deal with it," said Rorsted in an interview with WELT. "So far, there was no formal reason to push for a termination of the contract."

First, a court must establish that it actually came to a breach of law by a representative of Uefa or Fifa. "Of course we are also concerned about reputation, but football is the most important sport in the world and as a sports company born in football we have to find a way to stay active – not at any price, but football is for us a huge figurehead, "said Rorsted. Adidas is one of the main sponsors of Fifa and Uefa as well as the World and European Championship tournaments.

"It's not like we do not do anything"

Despite the importance of football for Adidas, Fifa and Uefa would have no other standards. "We did not behave differently in football than in other sports," said the CEO of the Herzogenaurach sporting goods manufacturer. "We have seen progress on Fifa and Uefa in recent years." Rorsted recalled that bribery was not only legal but even tax deductible until 1999. "We always have to assess the situation in accordance with applicable laws," he said.

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DOHA, QATAR - MAY 13, 2018: A local resident kicks the ball; Mikhail Aleksandrov / TASS Photo: Mikhail Aleksandrov / TASS / dpa (Legal notice: (c) dpa)

It is true that a judicial condemnation of an athlete or functionary is not the only criterion when it comes to whether cooperation continues or ends. But you should be careful on what basis such a break is driven forward, "said Rorsted. "We've already parted ways with associations and athletes where we felt that their behavior was not in line with our values. It's not like we do not do anything. "

Platini should have been arrested according to media reports in connection with the awarding of the Football World Cup 2022 to Qatar in France. Rorsted reiterated that Adidas is critical of hosting the tournament in the emirate. "Qatar is not our favorite World Cup location, but it looks like the tournament is going on there," he said. "In the end, the World Cup is for the fans and Qatar is not ideal locally or in time."

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