Sportsmail journalists have their opinion on who is the best goalkeeper in the world

David de Gea once again thrived in the center stage when his heroes rejected Tottenham's attacks and gave Manchester United an impressive 1-0 win at Wembley on Sunday.

De Gea has proved to be an integral part of United during some difficult times lately but between sticks, how do you compare it with the rest of the goalkeepers of the world?

The Sportsmail experts have their opinion.

David de Gea has racked up many big shots since Manchester United beat Tottenham on Sunday


1) David de Gea 2) Jan Oblak 3) Marc Andre Ter Stegen

De Gea is the complete goalkeeper, who has risen to the reign of the superstar in the most demanding league in the world.

He is not the greatest defensive organizer in the world, but only one who quietly goes on with his craft, despite having been denied the passage of the dream to Real Madrid that he has always desired.


1) David de Gea 2) Manuel Neuer 3) Jan Oblak

De Gea has proven himself at the good times of Manchester United for some time, but his performance in the lean years since the withdrawal of Sir Alex Ferguson – player of the year in four of the last five seasons – have shown how good he is.

The Spaniard gets the ball ahead of Bayern goalkeeper Munich Neuer, whose injury problems have influenced his form in the last year, with Oblak having cut out a number of other contenders based on his consistency for the team. ;Atletico Madrid.

De Gea's brilliant performance against Tottenham was one of the best in a United shirt


1) David de Gea 2) Manuel Neuer 3) Thibaut Courtois

There's something infinitely nice in the style of De Gea's ports, and it's not just that he's the best. There is a carefree charisma in his rescues, almost as if he were saying, "Do not worry guys, I have this".


1) Jan Oblak 2) Ederson 3) Marc Andre Ter Stegen

I'm in a minority that would not put David de Gea in the top three. He has phenomenal reflexes, the best in the world, but he does not command his penalty area as well as the others and he is not the bravest from the goal.

Jan Oblak has retained 46 cards in his last 86 games in La Liga for Atletico Madrid and is still only 26 years old. Ederson showed courage and personality in Manchester City despite the defensive staff turning in front of him. Marc Andre Ter Stegen is the natural heir of Manuel Neuer as an identikit of the street sweeper. Thibaut Courtois and Neuer would be on the list but for injuries.

Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid held 46 clean goals in his presences in 86 La Liga


1) Jan Oblak 2) Manuel Neuer 3) Marc Andre Ter Stegen

To avoid being accused of an agenda, I will choose the best three outside the Premier League. It is impossible to divide David De Gea, Alisson Becker and Ederson – they are all the same to define who has improved their team in an incommensurable way – so I will offer three alternatives.

They are directed by Jan Oblak, the exceptional number 1 of Atletico Madrid.


1) David de Gea 2) Alisson 3) Jan Oblak

In real time, Toby Alderweireld's volley on Manchester United's near post seemed to have hit only De Gea. But look closer and see the waiting of De Gea. He senses danger, positions himself early and models his body in the most effective way to block space.

We save as these, made over and over again, that bring De Gea to the best of the world. He's firm on the basics – holding Harry Kane's punishment instead of pricking to spread calm – and creative when things get harder.

Alisson has immensely improved Liverpool, his distribution is worth as much as his composure, even taking into account the occasional misstep, while Atletico Madrid's Oblet had the highest ratio of all goalkeepers in the last five European Championships season, with over 85%.

Liverpool has improved infinitely since the arrival of Alisson from Rome last summer


1) David de Gea 2) Alisson 3) Ederson

In club football, De Gea is out by himself and has been for years. He is a member of Ferguson who, in terms of value, foresight and quality, is now confronted with the achievements of Eric Cantona, Roy Keane and Peter Schmeichel.

When he arrived at the Old Trafford, he actually delivered to his goalkeeper coach Eric Steele a series of his foot-based exercises. We have seen the result of that work on Sunday. Most players want to swap shirts after matches. Now I wonder if his rivals will start asking for De Gea's boots.

The positioning of De Gea was crucial for him, making a large number of saves for United on Sunday

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