Spruce trend: More people buy the spruce early

Have you also got spruce? Stockholmers get Christmas trees earlier and earlier. The early Christmas craving is also noticeable in Solna Centrum.

  • Published 12:00, 8 Dec 2017

Buying your Christmas tree even before the first Advent seems to be a trend that has blossomed this year. Smålandsgran, which has been selling spruces online for Christmas trees since 2012, had three times more orders at the first Advent compared with the same time last year.

And the trend to buy a Christmas tree early is also noticeable in Solna Centrum. Hessam Ghaderi has worked at Clas Ohlson in the shopping center for seven years and he sees a clear trend as Christmas approaches. Except just this year.

– It has been the case that people buy spruces and Christmas things earlier and earlier in all the years I have worked here, except this year in fact. I think it’s because there’s no snow right now.

We brought out the Christmas things already in October

Another reason why sales of Christmas items are a little slower this year may be because Rusta has opened a store right next door. They also sell plastic spruces.

– We sold a lot of fir trees and Christmas items during the first Advent. We brought out the Christmas things already in October. Black Friday and the first Advent are the days when the sale of fir trees and Christmas items really starts, says Hanna Hermansson at Rusta in Solna Centrum.

From this weekend, Solna residents will also be able to buy real spruces outside Solna Centrum.

During the weekend, the sale of real spruces will start outside Solna Centrum.

More reasons behind

Ethnologist Jonas Engman at the Nordic Museum vill not say cross-sectionally why the spruces enter the homes earlier. But travel habits and new family constellations can be two reasons.

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– We travel abroad over Christmas. That’s why you want the Christmas tree before you go.

As for the family, many children celebrate Christmas in several different families. Then the Christmas tree must come in earlier so that everything will catch up.

– We are very focused on creating rituals that revolve around the children.

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