Spy pictures: See what Markus and his wife got up to on holiday

– On the way home from holiday in Italy, my wife and I passed the Mercedes city of Stuttgart, in Germany. Suddenly we spotted a partially camouflaged car and we got a little curious.

That’s what Markus Holte says, who sent us these pictures in Broom.

The two got on the wheel and had some pictures taken of the car from the back, on the way out of town.

– It was just this one. We could not see that there were any other cars accompanying it.

Not sure what it is

He is currently a little unsure of exactly what he attached to the memory chip, apart from the fact that it is probably an SUV from Mercedes.

– At first I thought it was an electric car EQB, but the German license plates do not have the E at the end which indicates an electric car. In addition, it apparently has exhaust pipes.

New lamp design, front and rear, will be one of the changes on the new GLS. Photo: Private.

– Maybe it could be a new GLC or the even bigger GLE, wonders Markus.

He further says that only the rear lights and something in the front were covered.

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Comes as a 2024 model

Markus is probably right in his assumptions about the model. The SUVs from Mercedes are quite similar, but there are many indications that this is a facelift version of the famille SUV GLS. It is now about halfway through its life cycle.

Rumor has it that a renewed edition of the GLS will arrive during 2023, but as a 2024 model. It was probably this one that was out on a test ride. The GLS is based on the S-Class passenger car

Exactly what the facelift will consist of is too early to say anything about. But there is reason to assume that it will get a changed headlight design. Among other things with the eyebrow-like LED running lights found on the S-Class.

It also explains the way the car, which Markus and his wife photographed, is camouflaged.

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Still V8

Apart from a new steering wheel, probably taken from the larger S-Class, no major design changes are expected in the interior.

But a new self-driving system, which will debut in the S-Class early next year, will probably also find its way into the GLS, along with a complete series of Mercedes’ many driver assistance systems.

The basic engine will still be a 2-liter turbo engine, but it will also be available with a six-cylinder engine. Probably with some form of an upgraded mild hybrid system. The AMG model will still have the 4-liter V8 engine. If we are to believe the rumours, it could also be a form of hybrid system here.

We thank you for the pictures! If you come across some interesting cars in traffic, we’d love to hear from you.

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