Spycam in South Korea: 1600 hotel guests have secretly filmed


Four South Korean men are accused of secretly filming hotel guests. Recordings can be streamed in real time for a fee on a website. This is not an isolated case in South Korea.

With tiny surveillance cameras, the men secretly recorded videos to make money on the Internet. According to the National Police Department of South Korea, it is said that they have installed so-called spycams in 30 hotels in the central and south-eastern part of the country. About 1600 hotel guests were filmed without knowing it.

According to the police, the men had received about seven million won (5440 euros) from the paying members of a website on which a live stream was created.

According to the Korea Herald newspaper, they had sold more than 800 illegal hits to website customers. She had over 4,000 members.

Cameras installed in sockets and hairdryer holders

The two main suspects were arrested. You could be sentenced to seven years in prison. One of them is accused of having set up the website, the other one having spent as a guest of the hotel and therefore installed the cameras. The small surveillance cameras have been installed in television receivers, sockets or supports for hair dryers.

It is said that the other two suspects were involved in buying the cameras and helped fund the site.

In South Korea, not an isolated case

The spread of illegal hidden video cameras is a serious problem in South Korea. Most male offenders put cameras here, for example, in public restrooms or schools.

In South Korea, more than 5,400 suspects were arrested in 2017 for the "Molka" phenomenon. Less than two percent of the authors were sentenced to prison terms.

Thousands of people took to the streets last year to demand that the government act more severely against such activities.



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