‘Sri Fortune’ The Plant That Brings Luck, Aglonema Has 14 Other Most Popular and Beautiful Types

URBANBANDUNG – ‘Sri Fortune’ one hockey carrier who has the name Aglonema is decorative plants from the type of taro that is in tropical rain forests. name “aglonema” itself comes from the Greek. The word Aglo means light and Nema means thread.

In Indonesia, this plant is also often referred to as a plant good luckbecause this ornamental plant is considered to bring luck . Aglonema is so famous as hockey carrier for people in China and the Philippines.

For those who don’t know what the Aglonema plant is, the following are the characteristics it has hockey carrierDon’t get me wrong, because besides bringing good luck, this plant can also be profitable for trading.

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Characteristics of Aglonema

Even though there are so many types of Aglonema, they are plants good luck these are actually very easy to spot. Quoting from the Jualbelicupang.com page which also quotes from the thesis entitled Cultivation of Aglaonema Ornamental Plants in Deni Nursery and Garedening by Anita Tri Puspitasari, these are the morphological characteristics of the Sri Fortune plant as follows:

1. Will

Plant aglonema belongs to the category of monocotyledonous plants with fibrous roots. With the characteristics of healthy roots have a white color and contain while unhealthy roots are brown.

2. boy

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