Sri Mulyani Reminds LPDP Recipients to Pay Debt to the State

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani remind recipient scholarship from the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) have debt which must be returned to the state. However, the debt was not returned in the form of money.

He explained that the scholarship recipients were financed from the State Budget (APBN). This means that scholarship recipients enjoy the state budget.

“Therefore, you (the scholarship recipient) owe the state. Debt is not always paid with money,” said Sri Mulyani when giving directions to LPDP scholarship recipients online, Wednesday (29/9).

Sri Mulyani said that LPDP scholarship recipients could repay their debts to the state with achievements. In addition, scholarship recipients can also repay debts in the form of contributions to the state.

“I convey that you (scholar recipients) hold the baton of responsibility to fight for unfinished ideals,” said Sri Mulyani.

In total, the government allocates funds for education at least 20 percent of the total expenditure. This year, the total state expenditure is around Rp. 2,700 trillion.

“If this year’s budget is IDR 2,700 trillion, then the education budget is more than IDR 500 trillion. You (scholar recipients) are a small group of people who enjoy the education budget,” explained Sri Mulyani.

Meanwhile, the government is still allocating a budget of around Rp500 trillion for the education sector next year. The funds are used for research, early childhood education, Islamic boarding schools, and universities.

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