“Stabbed by Giorgetti? Free to say what you think”

Was he “stabbed by Giorgetti about the elections in Rome? No … everyone is free to say what they think. I don’t know Giorgetti, I think I’ve never even met him. There is nothing wrong with saying what you think so much I am the citizens of Rome who decide, it is neither Giorgetti nor anyone else. On the other hand, frankness and intellectual honesty want this. Therefore maximum respect for him and for his opinions “. He said it Enrico Michetti, candidate of the center-right for mayor of Rome, on the sidelines of a meeting at the Sistina Theater with representatives of the world of cinema and entertainment.

Tajani: “Giorgetti? Go and campaign in Varese”

The Northern League player Giancarlo Giorgetti who in Rome seems to lean more towards Carlo Calenda than the center-right candidate Enrico Michetti? Warm even with the Sala race in Milan … “Giorgetti doesn’t have a very Roman accent …. And he’s not even from Milan, but from Varese. Go and campaign there, let the Romans do the campaign for Rome which is better … “. Thus Antonio Tajani, vice president of Fi, pressed by journalists on the interview with La Stampa of the League minister, while leaving at Palazzo Chigi after meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “I do not agree with 90% of what he said – he adds to the dose still pressed on the interview with the number 2 of the League – then Giorgetti is a minister, I think he has many things to do … and on the electoral campaign, thanks to the accents, we risk not understanding each other “.

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