Health stable balance sheet, but new outbreaks appear

stable balance sheet, but new outbreaks appear

CORONAVIRUS. Despite the uninterrupted appearance of new clusters, or hotbeds of contamination, the figures from hospitals continue to decline. Find all the info live.

The coronavirus, in France, “is not behind us”, tweeted Emmanuel Macron two days ago. The head of state has posed an undeniable truth since the Covid-19 continues to cause contamination and death. But it is also true that the figures from hospitals, but also from nursing homes, have been declining regularly for several days and the latest assessment is no exception: 83 more deaths over 24 hours, between Wednesday and Thursday, but 358 hospitalizations in less and 49 less intensive care beds occupied. The news of the coronavirus in France, it is therefore a positive evolution of the figures, but they are also centers of contamination, which continue to flourish almost everywhere in the country. There are clusters in Ile-de-France and in Grand Est, the two regions most affected by Covid-19, but also in areas having experienced a moderate epidemic wave, such as the Dordogne, Tarn or Côtes- Armor. Are these groupings of sudden cases worrying?

Most scientists interviewed on the subject agree that it is the logical sequence of events. “It is not abnormal, it is even expected that we discover clusters, that is to say groups of cases linked by chains of contamination”, even explained Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, leaving the Council of Ministers last Wednesday. It is therefore not, as it would be tempting to think, warning signs of a second epidemic wave. “It takes at least 10 to 15 days (from the deconfinement date of May 11, note) for us to know if there is an impact on the epidemic, but we are seeing a reduction in the number of hospitalizations news, the number of admissions in intensive care, so we do not see a decrease in the circulation of the virus, which does not mean that the virus does not circulate, “summarized Olivier Véran.

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17:13 – Coronavirus: 983 dead in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region has 983 victims of the coronavirus epidemic and 684 patients still hospitalized, 67 of whom are in intensive care. The most affected department is the Côte-d’Or with 238 victims identified. In addition, 3,141 people left the hospital cured.

17:12 – “The holding of the second round of the municipal elections is playable” for Jean-Paul Hamon

“The holding of the second round of municipal elections is playable,” said Jean-Paul Hamon, president of the Federation of Doctors of France. “If people have masks, if there is frost everywhere, that the assessors are well protected”, the specialist said he was in favor of a second round of municipal elections next June 28. However, he regretted that the government had ruled out the possibility of a postal vote. “We could have tested it, it might have helped avoid abstentions,” he added.

16:59 – The health situation in Hauts-de-France

1,664 people died from coronavirus in Hauts-de-France. 1,641 people are still hospitalized, including 160 admitted to intensive care. According to the latest health report, 5,346 people were able to leave the hospital cured. The North is the most affected department with 550 deaths recorded.

16:48 – Why are there more and more cases in slaughterhouses? (2/2)

The difficulty of maintaining distance would explain the multiplication of foci of contamination in slaughterhouses. In addition, the cool temperature maintained in the companies would favor the transmission of the virus. The cold air (cooled by air conditioning in slaughterhouses) associated with humidity thus represents an ideal context for the proliferation of the coronavirus. According to a study, “the optimal transmission temperature is probably around 8.72 ° C.”, Explains Denis Chopera, virologist and program administrative director for the network of excellence in research on tuberculosis and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa (SANTHE), in a column published by the Swiss daily Le Temps.

16:34 – Why are we seeing more and more cases in slaughterhouses? (1/2)

The United States, Australia, Germany and recently France: several countries have seen cases of Covid-19 contamination multiply in their slaughterhouses. France counts around a hundred cases in factories located in Vendée, Loiret and Côtes-d’Armor. In the United States, the epidemic took a more dramatic turn after the death of four controllers, responsible for compliance with health rules in American abattoirs. In Australia, 98 cases have been identified in an establishment of the Cedar Meats group. “This high risk of contamination in slaughterhouses is largely due to the difficulty in achieving physical distance,” explains Professor Benjamin Cowie, specialist in infectious diseases and co-responsible for public health at the Doherty Institute in Melbourne in the columns of the Guardian.

16:16 – 862 deaths linked to the coronavirus in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

At least 862 people have died from the coronavirus in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. 1,038 people are still hospitalized, 103 of whom are in intensive care. In addition, 4,660 patients were discharged from the hospital. The Bouches-du-Rhône department is the hardest hit with 503 victims and 669 hospitalizations.

16:06 – Coronavirus: symptoms of post-traumatic stress in 30% of interns

According to a study published this Friday by the National Intersyndicale des internees (Isni), one in three interns has experienced post-traumatic stress symptoms since the coronavirus health crisis. The institution is alarmed by the significant impact of the epidemic on the “mental health” of young medical practitioners. “The arrival of an unknown virus, the carrying out of new care for patients in serious states, overwork, lack of supervision, screening tests and protective equipment have increased the stress of these young professionals “, explains Isni.

15:59 – Abattoir de Fleury-les-Aubrais: “Work will resume on Monday in good conditions”, says the prefect

“Work will resume next Monday in good health security conditions” in the Tradival slaughterhouse in Fleury-les-Aubrais, said the prefect of Loiret on France Bleu Orléans. In this company, 56 employees were diagnosed positive for Covid-19 and 13 people were infected around them. All 397 employees were tested, as well as 62 identified contact cases.

15:46 – 71% of French people in favor of wearing a mask

According to a survey by YouGov, 71% of French people prefer the use of cloth masks, reusable masks and disposable masks. 95% of respondents believe that companies should relocate their production to France as a priority in the health (80%), food (64%) and textile (37%) sectors.

15:31 – What are the most affected departments in the Grand-Est?

The Grand-Est region is one of the regions most seriously affected by the coronavirus epidemic. The Moselle is the department with the most deaths with 786 victims, followed by the Haut-Rhin department with 763 deaths. In the Bas-Rhin, 609 people died from the disease.

15:31 – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: update on the health situation

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region has identified the first clusters of the coronavirus epidemic: today, 1,603 people have succumbed to the disease while 1,542 people are still hospitalized, including 159 admitted to intensive care. 6,550 people came out cured. The Rhône department remains the most affected in the region with 603 victims of the epidemic.

15:29 – A door opener designed for barrier gestures

The Volum-E company in Blangy-sur-Bresle (Seine-Maritime) designed the Hook-E, “a multifunctional tool which avoids contact with surfaces potentially contaminated by the coronavirus”, reports the Parisian. This hook-shaped door opener therefore allows users to avoid potentially contaminated door handles.

15:23 – Vienna: 160 Loudun hospital agents tested

As part of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Health Agency has decided to screen 160 officers from the Loudun hospital in Vienne. The cause: four agents and three patients from the medical establishment were diagnosed with coronavirus.

15:14 – Vaccine: monkeys infected with coronavirus develop immunity

Monkeys vaccinated or infected with Covid-19 have developed antibodies that allow them to be protected against a new infection, according to two “promising” studies published Wednesday May 20 by the journal Science. “Our findings increase optimism that it will be possible to develop vaccines against Covid-19,” said Dan H. Barouch, the researcher who conducted the two studies at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), in a statement. , in Boston.

14:58 – Grand-Est: 3,335 coronavirus victims since the start of the epidemic

The Grand-Est is the second region most affected by the epidemic: the coronavirus has killed 3,335 people and 2,586 patients are still hospitalized, including 218 in intensive care. 10,100 people were released from the hospital. The Moselle is the department with the most victims with 786 deaths reported.

14:39 – No “sign” of a second wave in Paris according to Patrick Pelloux

Patrick Pelloux, emergency physician and president of the Association of Emergency Physicians, was reassuring about the hypothesis of a second epidemiological wave. Asked on BFM TV, Thursday May 21, he said: “A priori there is no sign of a second wave in Paris”. However, he called on the French to remain cautious. “We absolutely must not relax. We must wear the mask everywhere and all the time, keep our physical distance, wash our hands every hour,” he added.

14:23 – A second wave of coronavirus in France?

“Today, we have no signal of a resumption of the epidemic. But beware, the virus is still there. We have to wait until the end of next week (Editor’s note: the week of May 25) to find out if the contamination are going up again. […] We will then know if all the measures taken (tests, traceability, continuation of barrier gestures and physical distance) have had the expected impact to control the epidemic. We give ourselves all the means to succeed, “said Professor Geneviève Chêne, Director of Public Health France (SPF) Geneviève Chêne. The specialist believes that the appearance of new clusters should not worry unduly.” Their identification is good sign! This means that we are able to detect them quickly and implement anything that breaks the chains of transmission, “she added.

14:05 – A song about barrier gestures is a great success

Aldebert’s song on barrier gestures at school is a great success. Released since May 11, the title “Corona Minus” already has more than 1.5 million plays on streaming platforms. To illustrate the song, Aldebert had asked his audience to film themselves “in ‘crazy choreas'” – doing barrier gestures.

14:03 – Over 100 cases tested positive in a Côtes-d’Armor slaughterhouse

The regional health agency announced on Wednesday May 20 that more than 100 people tested positive for coronavirus in a slaughterhouse in Côtes-d’Armor. “The screening campaign conducted on Tuesday among 818 staff revealed 44 additional positive cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases within the company to 109,” said its press release.

13:49 – Update on the situation in Ile-de-France

According to the latest reports from the Ministry of Health, 6,867 people died from coronavirus in Ile-de-France. 7,422 people are still hospitalized, including 728 in intensive care. 23,204 people were discharged from the hospital cured. Paris is the most affected department with 1,649 victims of the epidemic.


The latest assessment of the coronavirus in France was communicated by the Ministry of Health this Thursday, May 21 in the early evening. The balance sheet of the epidemic now reaches at least 28,215 deaths, with 83 new deaths recorded during the last 24 hours and 1,745 serious cases in intensive care, or 49 less in 24 hours.

NB: the data relating to people hospitalized and in intensive care presented above correspond to the number of patients in the course of care and not to the accumulation since the beginning of the epidemic. In total, 99,822 hospitalizations were recorded. Similarly, hospitalizations and additional resuscitation cases in 24 hours correspond to net figures, taking into account cures and deaths. In the last 24 hours, in gross, 271 more hospitalizations were recorded and 28 admissions in intensive care.

While the deconfinement began Monday, May 11 in France, the famous second wave is feared. If, for the time being, the lifting of containment restrictions does not necessarily translate into figures from hospitals, new outbreaks of contamination, “clusters”, have arisen:


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