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The main German index continues to fight for the 12,000 points at the beginning of Holy Week.

the DAX is currently hovering around the zero line after posting a small 0.1% advantage to 12,011.11 points. In contrast, the rose TecDAX initially from 0.15% to 2.764,93 meters and attracts even more in the future trade route.

Good rules from Asia also guarantee good humor here in Germany. These good economic data from China help.

Furthermore, investors are waiting to see how the reporting season continues. In the afternoon, major US banks Goldman Sachs and Citigroup present their quarterly results.

Apart from reports from US companies, it should be pretty quiet before Easter, as some stock brokers use the shortened trading week for a vacation.

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European stock markets are cautious on Monday.

the EuroSTOXX 50 open virtually unchanged at 3,448.91 index points and has now advanced slightly to the maximum.

Support is provided by positive economic data from China and good quarterly data from the US banking sector.

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US stock exchanges presented themselves on a much stronger Friday.

the Dow Jones he had started trading at the end of the week with a gain of 0.82 percent at 26,357.79 points and also recorded supplements in further negotiations. His final score: plus 1.03 percent to 26.412 points.

Also the index of Tech values NASDAQ composite it was presented at the beginning of trading with a premium of 0.46% at 7,984.15 meters and also in the plus. The trading day closed 0.46% higher at 7.984 points.

European and Chinese market specifications were supported on Friday. The worst-than-expected sentiment of US consumers could not curb this recovery.

Furthermore, the positive signals came from the US bank JPMorgan, which presented its economic data.

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At the beginning of the new week, the Far East equity markets are catching on.

In Tokyo, the Japanese index has closed Nikkei 225 with a gain of 1.37 percent to 22,169.11 points.

C & # 39; s also good mood in China. the Shanghai composite it is currently increasing (0.09%) to 3,189.45 points (9:00). Also, the shootings Hang Seng 0.16 percent to 29.958.09 index points.

A pleasant evolution of the trade and credit balance in China is driving prices while dissipating concerns about the economy. Furthermore, there have been positive signs for negotiations on the trade dispute between China and the United States.

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