Stacey Dooley: Kevin Clifton, partner for the dance of Star, falls the bomb of marriage "bad idea"

Stacey Dooley, 31, and Kevin Clifton, 36, have decided to treat their fans of Strictly Come Dancing in a live video of themselves chatting on Instagram this afternoon.

BBC Three documentary followers could write messages to the couple as they sat down and talked to the camera during a trial break.

And Kevin even received a marriage proposal from one of their fans – which did not go very well.

Reading one of the comments on their clip, Grimsby's dancer said, "Kevin, come and marry me?"

Responding to the fan, he said: "Oh is a serious offer? Trust me, it's a bad idea!"

Stacey could not help but laugh and laughed when Kevin added, "Now I can tell you it's a bad idea."

At the start of this year, Kevin announced that he and his wife, partner Strictly Come Dancing, Karen Clifton, had split up after three years of marriage.

Elsewhere during the chat, Stacey revealed that he is now "as good as gold" after suffering a painful injury last week.

When she was questioned about her current condition, she said, "Now I'm as good as gold, I'm still drugged but I feel a lot better now – codeine and paracetamol.

"I am very un-rock and roll, you would be very bored."

This weekend, the Strictly Come Dancing couple will perform the Waltz for Audrey Hepburn's Moon River song.

Discussing their upcoming routine, Stacey admitted that it was a fight to practice a "slower" dance.

He shed: "At the beginning I was so excited that I hated it I thought it was so slow, but now I love it again."

"You got over the hump," Kevin replied.

He explained: "We teach the routine on Monday, then the principles Tuesday, which is where I teach them the principles of dance.

"He hates the dance at that point and thinks he can not do it".

Stacey joked that his dance partner did not "love" her while she was unable to resume some moves.

Kevin replied, "No, I did not because Stacey hates dancing in principle Tuesday and Wednesday when we apply all those principles, dance joins".

However, they were not all bad news as Stacey admitted that now "definitely" is enjoying the routine.

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 continues Saturday on BBC One at 19:00.

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