STALKER 2 is officially postponed! The game has a long delay

The creators of STALKER have just confirmed the fatal news. STALKER 2 will not debut in April and we will have to wait a few long months for production, Get to know the details and the new release date.

Until yesterday it was just a rumor, but now we can confirm – STALKER 2 will not debut on April 28. The creators published a note explaining that they need much more time to refine the title. The news is somewhat surprising, as STALKER 2 experienced a really long delay. The expected story will not be published until December 8, 2022!

The studio intends to use the seven additional months to “Fulfill the vision and achieve the desired state”. Developers emphasize that STALKER 2 is the largest project in the history of GSC Game World and it requires “Thorough testing”. The developers obviously do not want to bring an underdeveloped adventure to the market, so we can hope that STALKER 2 will deliver high quality from its launch.

In this situation, we can suspect that the specific promotion of the item will not start until the second half of 2022, because developers should now focus only on fine-tuning the game.

It is worth recalling that according to the informant who first mentioned the delay – STALKER 2 will be available on PlayStation 5 in the future.

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