Stampede in Italian disco: at least 6 dead and dozens injured – CNN


(CNN) – A run away from a rap concert in an Italian nightclub ended with at least five teenagers and a dead adult, and left dozens of people injured at the start of Saturday, authorities said.

At least 35 people were injured in the chaos of the Lanterna Azzurra disco, in the municipality of Corinaldo, on the eastern coast of the province of Ancona, about 90 miles (145 kilometers) east of Florence, according to the press agency. Italian ANSA.

Hundreds of people were waiting for the performance of the popular rapper Sfera Ebbasta when someone in the club sprayed an "irritating substance", which caused the stampede, according to the civil protection agency.

Five teenagers and a woman who had accompanied her daughter to the concert died, said Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio. Di Maimo identified the deceased as 14-year-old Asia Nasoni; Daniele Pongetti, 16 years; Benedetta Vitali, 15 years; Mattia Orlandi, 15 years; Emma Fabini, 14 years; and Eleonora Girolimini, 39 years old.

"These (victims) are young, it is absurd to die in this way, as a government, we will do everything possible to clarify the circumstances and ensure that the safety standards are met," wrote Maio on Facebook.

Numerous paramedics were seen treating the participants at the street concert after the stampede.

Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, paid tribute to the victims with a moment of silence during a political rally in Rome.

"You can not die like that at the age of 15. Thoughts and prayers for the six dead in the Marches, I hope the 13 seriously injured in the hospital will improve, and a commitment: find the responsible person," Salvini wrote on Twitter the stampede.

The president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, is committed to working tirelessly to determine "all responsibility and negligence".

"Citizens have the right to feel safe in any place, in the workplace and in recreational areas, therefore, safety must be guaranteed with particular attention in crowded places, through rigorous controls," said Mattarella in a statement. "Nobody should die like this."



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