Stan Lee's daughter is suing her former personal assistant for $ 25 million – Nov 15, 2019

The libel case, obtained by TMZ, suggested that Bradley – who claimed she was fired at the beginning of 2018 – made the statements because she was seeking revenge against her and J.C. he claimed that he had never hit or tried to smother the comic book writer.

And that's not all like J.C. stated that his father denied ever hitting, hitting or strangling him in multiple interviews and his former employee knew it wasn't true when he told the story about the podcast.

He also claimed that Bradley stole from Stan and regularly forged his loan signature before he was fired.

Alan Duke, the podcast host, was also sued for the charges.

In his interview with Bradley, his host stated: "JC Lee took his father by the neck and grabbed his neck and slammed his head against the wooden part of the chair."

Stan's daughter had previously slammed Marvel and Disney, claiming she had never shown her late father "any respect or decency", following a now-resolved discussion on the financing and sharing of the profits of "Spider- Man "who would lead to the character no longer appears in the MCU.

Speaking before the situation was resolved, he said: "Marvel and Disney seeking total control of my father's creations must be controlled and balanced by others who, while still trying to profit, have a sincere respect for Stan Lee and its legacy. Whether it is Sony or someone else, the continuous evolution of Stan's characters and his heritage deserve multiple points of view. "

Joan, 69, also said that no one at Marvel or Disney contacted her or the rest of the family after Stan's death at the age of 95.

He added: "From day one … they never showed him or his legacy any respect or decency. In the end, nobody could have treated my father worse than the ex-marls of Disney and Disney."



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