"Stand up!" Moskvich tried to pour oil on Lenin's Mausoleum, the media wrote


MOSCOW, March 15 – RIA News. On Red Square in Moscow, a man was arrested while trying to pour oil with Lenin's Mausoleum, a source told the RIA Novosti police.

The accident happened the night before. As Moskovsky Komsomolets wrote, a man came to the square with a packet of oil and presumably began to water the Mausoleum with them. At the same time, he shouted: "Get up, get up!"

A source of RIA Novosti made it clear that a man with oil could not pass to the Mausoleum, he managed to pour only paving stones.

"The passage there is now closed, everything happened side by side, so the mausoleum was in no way damaged," the agency source said.

The mausoleum is closed for prevention from 18 February to 16 April.



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