Stars who fell into the traps of gambling. Jagr was in debt, Mayweather was glowing in bed

Jagr had to pay off his debt

The most famous Czech bettor was Jaromír Jágr. In the 1990s, there were only rumors about it, nobody wanted to say a bad word about the hockey icon.

The Kladno native’s gambling problems surfaced in 2003. An internet bookmaker from the Caribbean released a message to the world about how much the Washington player owed him at the time. It was 500 thousand dollars. “We didn’t like being ignored,” said William Ceasar, director of the now-defunct Jágr then paid everything in several installments. “I made a mistake,” he admitted.

What can, what can’t. The innkeeper sparked a debate about betting on athletes

However, similar disasters occurred in the following years as well. For example, Steve Budin, who was supposed to be the personal bookie of the famous “68”, told USA Today: “We were worried about how long he would bet because he kept losing. When he finally won, there was excitement in the office.’

The long-haired hockey magician was a frequent guest of casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He is said to have booked a private table at one hotel for a game called baccarat.

However, the positive attitude towards betting paradoxically helped Jágr in his later career as an official. His Kladno was sponsored by Sazka at first, this year he was again with Tipsport.

Buffon almost lost the championship

2006, spring. Soccer goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, then the star of Italy and Juventus Turin, found himself in an unenviable situation just before the World Cup. He was suspected of fraud. Police investigation, lots of media stories, pressure to speak out.

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On the switchboard.  Jaromír Jágr sometimes leaves his skates in the cabin

How time went with hockey, beer and salaries. Fifty years with Jaromír Jágr

However, Buffon was lucky in misfortune. He was only one of many actors in the whole corruption case. Thanks to wiretapping, criminal investigators found out that Juventus (and not only him) arranges help with the referees. There have also been cases of illegal betting – even with this goalkeeper.

“It’s true that I bet. But only until it was banned and not for the Italian league,” Buffon said.

He went to the police to give an explanation voluntarily, albeit with a lawyer. In the end, he did not listen to the accusation. Maybe it helped that he hadn’t been completely well a short time before. That’s why he bet. “I struggled with depression. The routine became a prison,” explained the award-winning goalkeeper, who was the husband of Czech model Alena Šeredová.

Juventus, on the other hand, managed a penalty. He had to play in the second league, but despite the point deduction, he returned to the elite after a year.

The match of the century Sigma - Czech Rep in Olomouc - Karel Brückner in an embrace with Pavel Nedvěd

Don’t know about Brückner: He knew how to treat us. I would definitely take him to Juventus

End of the story? Nowhere. Buffon had to be careful. In 2012, a suspicious amount (a total of 1.5 million euros) was disputed, which in 2012 went in several parts from the footballer’s account to the account of an Italian betting office. The rationale is still the subject of speculation. The goalkeeper claimed that he ordered a Rolex watch from an acquaintance.

By the way, if we go back to 2006, the Italians with Buffon in the lineup then dominated the entire championship (they also defeated the Czech national team in the group). In a dramatic final, they defeated France. Thanks to the penalties and Materazzi’s provocation. If they had provoked the French and Buffon, who knows how the final would have turned out…

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Mayweather won a million dollars

Among the athletes, however, you will also find exhibitionists who make no secret of their penchant for betting. And they show it off.

Floyd Mayweather’s posts probably have the greatest impact. If you haven’t heard about it yet, this former American boxer fell into gambling a long time ago. No wonder, his fortune is estimated at 450 million dollars. He often brags about winning something. But he never once revealed that he had lost.

He made a huge splash in 2012 when he bet on an American football game between Oregon and Arizona. A successful tip earned him a million dollars.

In the following years, he no longer took pictures of his tickets, but of the bills on the table. Images of a beaming muscle man on a plane or in bed with banknotes are legendary.

There were plenty of people begging him to share tips, but most of the public was in the clear. This is just a pose. After all, Maxim magazine wrote that Mayweather lost fifty million dollars in 2017.

Apparently, that’s why it was then, at the age of forty, that the man nicknamed Money (money) returned to the ring and closed his career with a fiftieth triumph (the scalp of Conor McGregor earned him $300 million). Since then, he only participates in exhibitions. And of course, he bets.

An exhibition match between YouTuber Logan Paul (left) and undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather (right).

Mayweather did not take down the YouTuber. Ridiculous, condemned Konečný. He beat up the porn actor

You could count clouds of similar stories, mainly from America.

At random, we can mention three legends who fell into the snares of gambling.

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Most recently, golfer Phil Mickelson’s problems are being solved across the ocean. According to his calculations, the winner of six majors pocketed forty million dollars. The former phenomenal basketball player Michael Jordan experienced a similar situation. He too bet, played, lost… Millions of dollars. And swimmer Michael Phelps tries his luck at poker again. He started Anabazi on a $1 table, now he is among the people who start on $25k.

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