Start of the repatriation of 7,100 seasonal workers from Huelva, 6 boats mobilized

The repatriation plan for the 7,100 Moroccan seasonal workers from the province of Huelva, which will see the mobilization of 6 boats made available by the Moroccan state, was launched this Saturday, July 18, said the Moroccan embassy in Spain.

To this end, the ambassador of Morocco in Madrid, Karima Benyaich, went to Huelva to inquire about the good progress of the first stage of this operation which takes place under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation African and Moroccans residing abroad, specifies the Moroccan diplomatic representation in a press release.

In this context, and thanks to the close collaboration between the Moroccan Embassy and the Spanish authorities, in particular, the State Secretariat for Migration and the Andalusian regional government, all the necessary logistical and human resources have been put in place place, for the success of this operation while respecting the sanitary measures in force.

To this end, PCR and serological tests, made available by the Spanish authorities, were carried out for the benefit of all seasonal Moroccan workers, in order to preserve their health while respecting the conditions necessary for their departure for Morocco.

On this occasion, Ms. Benyaich wanted to recall the high concern with which King Mohammed VI surrounds Moroccan women in general and more particularly Moroccan women residing abroad.

During a visit to the port of Huelva, Ms. Benyaich, who was accompanied by the Consul General of Morocco in Seville, Charif Cherkaoui, and the local and port authorities of Huelva, commended the commitment and sacrifice of these women , symbol of the courage of Moroccan women, especially in the current context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, Ms. Benyaich held meetings with the government deputy, Manuela Parralo Marcos, and the director of the port authority of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, who reviewed the cooperation on circular migration existing since two decades between the two countries.

These meetings were also an opportunity to examine the means capable of consolidating this cooperation and making it more efficient in the future. As such, the Moroccan diplomat praised the efforts made by the Spanish authorities for the good performance of this operation.

It should be noted that more than 80 seasonal workers in Morocco, the most vulnerable, in particular those suffering from health problems, pregnant or breastfeeding, had already benefited, on June 27, from a special repatriation flight.


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