Starwatch: Jupiter in a close encounter with the red giant Antares | Science

Starwatch chart 5 August 2019 Jupiter Antares Moon

There is an interesting trio of celestial objects to look for on the evening of August 8th. The powerful planet Jupiter is currently near the red giant star Antares in the constellation Scorpius. August 8, this couple will be joined by the moon. The graph shows the view that faces south-southeast at 22:00 BST that evening. The moon will be on the edge of Libra, the stairs, preparing for a passage very close to Jupiter one night later. Give a further aspect to the close passage is the proximity of the beautiful red star Antares, a star so big that if it were to replace the sun in our solar system, its surface would be somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Looking further south, the pale Saturn will be nested in Sagittarius, the archer. There is also a surprise for early risers. This week Mercury will reach its further distance from the Sun in the morning sky. Pay attention to a bright and stable "star" in the bright eastern sky.



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