Statements by the Russian Foreign Minister on the withdrawal of the United States from the Treaty on medium and short-range missiles


Russia does not try to activate the arms race, it is still ready to resolve all the issues at the negotiating table. But the initiatives from abroad will respond to the mirror. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on the actions of America, which withdrew from the Treaty on medium and short range missiles and increased the risk of a nuclear conflict. Why do American authorities destroy the world security system? Why did they go back to politics that did not lead anywhere? And the response of our country to all these hostile steps.

The headlines of today's Western newspapers are full of messages about the start of a new arms race. He writes the American edition of the Wall Street Journal and the British Daily Express. However, Russia's Minister of Foreign Affairs has once again made it clear that our country does not intend to participate in the arms race.

It was on this Saturday, February 2, that Vladimir Putin spoke, instructing the Ministry of Defense after the US declarations on the withdrawal from the Treaty on medium and short range missiles to continue working on the development of new weapons without increasing the budget.

According to Sergey Lavrov, no matter how much the United States has accused of violating the Treaty of Russia, the responsibility to influence the situation does not concern us.

"The United States has undertaken the demolition of the entire armament control system, the system of limiting strategic offensive weapons.This is sad Already, experts in the United States say that the next treaty remaining from this area, the Treaty on limitation of strategic offensive weapons of 2010, which expires in 2021, will be next ", said Sergey Lavrov.

This is a START-3 treatise. Limits high-range nuclear weapons capable of targeting overseas targets. According to this, each party is allowed to have up to 1,550 nuclear warheads. Lavrov's fear that the United States can withdraw from this treaty is not groundless. Over the past 20 years, the United States has consistently destroyed the security system in the world, starting with the withdrawal from the ABM Treaty. At the same time, under various pretexts, abandoning Russia's initiatives on disarmament issues. There have been many attempts. Lastly, the issue of disarmament was raised at the meeting between Putin and Trump in Helsinki.

"All our proposals have been rejected or not answered, so the president, as you know, announced on Saturday that all these initiatives remain on the table, but we will not run anymore and remind them of our Western partners. responsibility for the problems, you are welcome, the doors are open, you come, we will talk on an equal footing, based on the consideration of the interests of others, legitimate interests and not the imaginary ones.For example, the interest shown from the United States, the interest that the United States does not have opponents in this world that are comparable in terms of potential.This is an illegitimate interest, this is a dictatorial interest, "noted the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, in recent years, the United States has created arms against the Mid and Short Range Missile Treaty. By convincing the world that heavy drones can transport nuclear weapons, target missiles and missile launchers capable of launching Tomahawk with a nuclear fill, this weapon is deployed in Europe solely for defensive purposes.

"I think everyone now understands what's going on … The US has already destabilized the nuclear balance when they decided to withdraw from the missile defense treaty in 2002, and when you look at the map, you see that the United States is setting up anti-missile defense throughout Eurasia, creating a sense of the environment of Russia and China ", observes the president Center for Geopolitical Studies (Brussels) Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann.

Since 2017, at the military enterprise of Raytheon in Arizona, this is the flower at the eye of the American missile industry, while expanding its production capacity. According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the plant area has almost doubled in two years and the number of employees, according to official statements, is expected to increase by two thousand people. Long-haul and short-range missiles that fall under the same treaty have long been manufactured here. That is, the United States planned to withdraw from the INF treaty long before they started accusing Russia of violating it.

In a special statement of 4 February, the Russian Foreign Ministry invited Europe and NATO to "not blindly follow US policy" and not to allow confrontation, which is inevitable if the United States began to deploy a prohibited class of missiles on the continent. Something similar has already happened in our history.

"When they placed their medium and low range missiles in Europe against us, it was the beginning of the 80s, so even at the height of the Cold War, there were millions of demonstrations in Europe against the deployment of American missiles, then even a few people were able to convince, they broke their knees, and now they have a difficult situation, "says Nikolai Platoshkin, head of the international relations and diplomacy department at the Humanitarian University of Moscow.

In fact, in Europe they understand perfectly that their cities are under the blow, and not the Americans through the ocean.

"The danger, of course, is that if these missiles are deployed back to Europe, then they should prepare for a nuclear strike," believes political analyst Heinz Gartner.

Moreover, current European politicians, because of their age, perfectly recall those multi-million dollar anti-American demonstrations in their countries. And now the German Süddeutsche Zeitung writes that on a political level NATO remains cohesive. But will this unity remain? In fact, among the 29 countries of the alliance there are various positions regarding the danger of Russia and the need to increase military spending.



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