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This weekend there is a party in Stavanger. Already large cultural events in and around the city are supplemented with several events under municipal auspices. The municipality calls it a rediscovery party, where the city will be taken into use after a long pandemic.

At the same time, the news came on Thursday that the Norwegian Directorate of Health is canceling Christmas dinners.

Stavanger municipality does the same.

Aftenbladet can on Friday report that the municipality has chosen to cancel Christmas dinners for several hundred employees in various departments. The reason is the high infection pressure in the municipality.

The infection pressure in Stavanger has never been higher. During the first four days of the week, 163 people are infected with corona in the municipality.

GP Peter Christersson, chief shop steward in the Norwegian Medical Association in Stavanger municipality, is skeptical of the reopening party.

– There are all time high infection rates per day. Gathering so many a place I think seems a bit premature. It is a special time to arrange this now, he believes.

GP Peter Christersson, chief shop steward in the Norwegian Medical Association in Stavanger municipality, is skeptical about the reopening party. He

Photo: Odd Rune Kyllingstad / NRK

On Friday afternoon, Stavanger University Hospital also announces that they advises employees to cancel this weekend’s Christmas table.

– Dual communication

Christersson thinks it is a bit of double communication that Stavanger is behind the reopening party, but at the same time cancels its events.

– It sends a bit of a double signal when you think that it is unjustifiable to have internal Christmas tables, but that it is justifiable for several thousand people to meet out on the town, he believes.

He points out that the pressure on GPs is still very high. They have very many coronary patients to follow up, at the same time as they have many others with respiratory infections.

– I do not think it has been so busy with respiratory infections since the swine flu epidemic, he says.

Reopening party in Stavanger

During the unofficial reopening party in Stavanger on September 25, people flocked to the streets to take part in the party.

Photo: Anna Sørmarken Vestly / NRK

The municipal chief physician in Sandnes, Hans Petter Torvik, does not share the doctor’s colleague’s skepticism. He thinks most of it happens outdoors at the reopening party.

– I am more worried about Christmas fairs, Christmas closings and everything that comes. It is important that everyone, including the vaccinated, stays at home with symptoms, he says.

Nor does health director Runar Johannessen in Stavanger see the reopening party as a problem.

– All confidence in the assessments that are made

The leader of the union in Stavanger municipality, Margrethe Kaarvaag, does not want to put the two issues against each other.

She says she has every confidence in the assessments made by the various municipal directors.

– There is an increasing infection with both corona and the flu, which means that it is quite tough in the workplaces around. There is a crisis in schools and nursing homes, so as of today I think a good assessment has been made.

– The union then has no objections to a reopening party being arranged at the same time as there is a crisis in schools and nursing homes?

– No, there is another type of event that you can choose if you want to attend. I hope the events facilitate the restrictions that are, says Kaarvaag.

Kari Nessa Nordtun (Labor Party), mayor of Stavanger

Kari Nessa Nordtun, mayor of Stavanger, says she relates to professional advice.

Photo: Odd Rune Kyllingstad / NRK

The mayor relates to professional advice

Stavanger mayor Kari Nessa Nordtun understands that people can experience this as a double communication, but says that she relates to professional advice.

– There is not one right answer for everyone here. I have always followed the professional advice that has come to me. But I have not received professional advice to cancel events from either national authorities, hospitals or the health director. So I relate to the professional advice, says Nessa Nordtun to NRK.

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