Stay home, Merkel’s plea to the Germans to stop the coronavirus

“Forget unnecessary trips, non-essential celebrations. Stay home, where you live, whenever possible.”the chancellor said, on her weekly podcast.

“What will happen in winter, what will happen at Christmas, will be decided in the days and weeks to come,” he warned.

Germany It has registered 7,830 cases of coronavirus in 24 hours, a record for this country, which did not count such high figures even in the first wave of the pandemic, although at that time not many diagnostic tests were carried out.

Since the epidemic reached the country, 9,767 people have died, 33 of them on Friday.

Merkel has once again insisted on the need to respect the distance, wear a mask and ventilate closed spaces, but acknowledged that “we must go a little further.”

“If we now significantly reduce encounters outside the family nucleus for a certain time, we can put a stop and change the trend of this multiplication of infections”, He said.

The person in charge admitted that what she was asking for is “difficult”, but necessary in order not to saturate the hospitals, continue to keep the schools open and protect the economy and employment.

Limit contacts “It is the most effective tool we have right now to fight the pandemic. And today it is more necessary than ever”he insisted.

The German government decreed new restrictions on Wednesday, including the night-time closure of bars and restaurants due to a certain number of infections, but the courts annulled this measure in some places, such as Berlin, considering it disproportionate.


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