Stay tuned for The during hours, the globe is witnessing the eclipse of my throat a person see Egypt for 120 minutes

The world will witness the eclipse of the shaved hair through the hours, specifically morning Sunday 21 June 2020 at the end of the month of Shawwal, when the month than August for HE, which is the third phenomenon of loss and fractures by 2020, and the first eclipse this year. .

Can be seen a partial solar eclipse in the (South-East Europe – the continent of Asia except the North and east of Russia – Northern Australia – the continent of Africa except the southern part and western of them – Indonesia– Micronesia– the Pacific Ocean – Indian Ocean), and throat in different positions in each of the (Congo– Central African Republic – Ethiopia – Pakistan– India – China – South-Sudan – Eritrea – Yemen – Oman), and at the peak of an annular eclipse covers the disk of the moon is about 99 % From the full disk of the sun, and that it will take the eclipse from the beginning to the end of its duration of five hours and forty-eight minutes..

It starts the stages of a partial eclipse in the next at exactly 6:25 a.m. and its peak at 7:20 and end at 8:20 am almost, Note B the early days of the moon are considered the best times in the month to control and monitor the celestial bodies are dim like the magazines and the crowd is stellar the absence of the moon at night.

Revealed Dr. serious, the next president of the National Institute of astronomical research, that this eclipse see a partial solar eclipse in Egypt and the Arab region, will be felt in Egypt for nearly two hours, where you start to see him at seven o’clock, flour 24 am Cairo time, the cost of a peak at seven o’clock, flour 20 local time, and then covers the disk of the moon is about 46 % of the full disk of the sun, and ends with a partial eclipse in the next at three o’clock, flour, 24.

You will lead the research team from monitoring the phenomenon and recorded using the LSST solar system, at the Institute in Helwan and display them to the public. It will also provide a number of special glasses for the amateur to use in the follow-up to the eclipse at the Institute’s headquarters in Helwan, while will move the event on the air directly through the page on the World Wide Web.


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