Steam Allegedly Was Down Due to the Launch of Sons Of The Forest

The launch of such a game hype and long-awaited are often not free from obstacles server which expands, which makes players have to queue to access it or even cause the server down suddenly. One of them is like the Steam page which is rumored to have experienced downtime suddenly recently.

According to Rock Paper Shotgunthe Steam site that had time down a few minutes on February 24 after midnight, allegedly occurred because it coincided with the release of Sons of the Forests by Endnight Games, where more than 265 thousand players simultaneously downloaded and played the game.

It should be noted of course that this is just an assumption based solely on existing data, and Valve as the owner of Steam does not provide clarity on the cause downtime while that can be said to be very rare. This is considering that there are several other games that have also launched recently and their presence is highly anticipated, such as Like a Dragon: Ishin to demo the latest Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty for example.

Talking about the game itself, Sons Of The Forest is a sequel to The Forest which offers a premise survival horor in a mysterious forest. Players must survive and find a way out alone or independently co-op, with the threat of cannibal “locals” out to attack and eat you. However, if this sequel offers a playing experience like the first game, it seems players can expect variety.”plot twistunexpected throughout the game.

Sons Of The Forest Steam Down
Sons Of The Forest (via Steam)

Sons Of The Forest has now been released in Early Access for platform PC. Not yet clear whether the game will also slide to platform else or not.

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