Steam sets a new user record – that’s behind it

Updated 11/29/2021, 2:13 p.m.

  • Steam hit a new record over the weekend.
  • On Saturday, November 27th, over 27 million users were online at the same time.
  • What games and other circumstances created the all-time high?

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In March 2021, Steam reached a record of 26,922,926 users at the same time. This was topped on the weekend: With over 27 million users, Valve’s gaming platform recorded a new all-time high on Saturday, November 27th. The numbers are based on Steamdb.

If you take a closer look, only a fraction of the 27,182,165 users were active in games – only around 7.8 million specifically. Most of them were on Steam, for example, to research the current sale for real bargains. Others just had the program open in the background. In March, the number of active gamers playing a game was 8.1 million.

What games and circumstances caused the record numbers?

Nevertheless, it is interesting to take a look at which games created the new record of over 27 million users. There are few surprises, because the titles were not only popular last weekend, but also real long-running hits on Steam.

The top 10 include “GTA V”, “Team Fortress”, “Rust” and “MIR 4”. The biggest surprise, however, is a title that isn’t even a game: the “Wallpaper Engine.” The MMORPG “New World” by Amazon Games. 4th place went to “Apex Legends”. Third place went to the Battle Royale “PUBG” with 241,902 users. The user numbers made a big leap in places 2 and 1. In second place was Valve’s in-house “DOTA 2” with 663,536 users. A Valve title also took first place: “CS: GO” with 845,144 users.

The attraction of these top games is only one of several reasons for the record. Another important aspect was the “Steam Autumn Sale” with discounted offers (especially popular “Cyberpunk 2077” at half price). In addition, there were the holidays around Thanksgiving in the US. Also worrying about the new one Corona-Variant Omikron and fear of another lockdown may have fueled a shift from reality to digital escape routes.


Updated on November 17, 2021, 12:30 p.m.

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