Sport Stefano Domenicali: rumors about Ferrari team boss "unfounded"

Stefano Domenicali: rumors about Ferrari team boss “unfounded”

( – Stefano Domenicali of the ‘Corriere della Sera’ asks if he has ever tried to return to Ferrari. A clear answer follows: “[Meine] possible return to Maranello remains an unfounded rumor. “But that is simply the nature of the matter with respect to the traditional Formula 1 team Ferrari, continues Domenicali.

Stefano Domenicali was once the team boss of Ferrari’s Formula 1 racing team



Messages about Ferrari are simply “uncontrollable”. A small conversation among acquaintances might be inflated into a thick headline. For example, he often talks to Ferrari President John Elkann. But that doesn’t have to mean that he will soon be back at Ferrari.

“We have known each other for years,” explains Domenicali. “And I’ve known Ferrari all my life. Of course you have a conversation there, but we’re talking about the central questions of the automotive world.”

Lamborghini is in pole position for Domenicali

There is a reason for this: Domenicali is now managing director of the Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini, and thus a direct competitor of Ferrari. You serve the same industry, meet at trade fairs and have similar interests.

Domenicali was interested in motorsport from an early age. This is not surprising: the 54-year-old comes from Imola, where the Formula 1 San Marino Grand Prix has been held for decades. Domenicali has never lost this connection, not even after the end of his Ferrari career in 2014.

Photo gallery: Shaped Formula 1 team bosses

Therefore, Domenicali was asked how he assessed the performance of his (not direct) successor Mattia Binotto at Ferrari. And Domenicali finds words of praise: “I am convinced that he did a good job both as a technical director and as a team manager.”

Praise for Ferrari team boss Binotto

Binotto has quickly integrated into the dual role, says Domenicali. “He learned quickly and proved his skill.” Binotto can also keep a level, for example when it comes to driver management.

Domenicali explicitly refers to the 2019 Formula 1 season with the gripping stable duel between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel: “Last year had to [Binotto] invest a lot of energy to tame the drivers. Champions don’t always respect the team’s direction, especially when everyone is pursuing their own goals. “

However, it is in the nature of Formula 1 that all attention is focused on the drivers. This fact must also be taken into account behind the scenes, says Domenicali. So far, Binotto has solved this task well.

Binotto took over the position of Ferrari team boss from Maurizio Arrivabene in 2019, who in turn had taken the lead in 2014 instead of Marco Mattiacci. Mattiacci had been at Scuderia for only a few months after Domenicali left the company.



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