Stellantis agrees with Vulcan for lithium

LITHIUM FOR BATTERIES – With a view to the growth of electric models, the automotive group Stellantis signs a five-year agreement with Vulcan Energy Resources, under which the latter will supply Europe with hydroxide of lithium for the drums. Shipments will start in 2026 and the supplied material will be used in the batteries of the electric and hybrid models. Specifically, Vulcan undertakes to supply Stellantis with a minimum of 81,000 tons and a maximum of 99,000 tons of lithium hydroxide in the five-year term of the agreement.

GREENER EXTRACTION – The Vulcan is a European company that has made itself known for having started the project in Germany, in the upper Rhine valley Zero Carbon Lithium, where geothermal energy is used to produce lithium hydroxide for batteries obtained from frost, without the use of fossil fuels and with minimal water consumption, thus reducing the environmental impact in the metal supply chain for batteries.

THE OBJECTIVES – This agreement with Vulcan is part of the strategies announced at EV Day last July, where Stellantis has pledged to invest over 30 billion euros by 2025 in electrification and software, with the aim of surpassing 70% of low-emission vehicles sold in Europe by 2030.

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