Stepping into Dangerous Towers for Resurrection of Grandfather Timothy and the Tower of Mu Announces August Release of Timothy and the Tower of Mu

Used by the independent game development team Kibou EntertainmenPixel game maker MV》Developed 2D action game 《》Tower of Timothy and Mu(Timothy and the Tower of Mu)”, announced that it will be available on the Steam platform on August 9 this year, and the trial version has been made public.

Officially, “Tower of Timothy and Mu》 is a pixel-style tower-climbing 2D action game with high difficulty.Pixel game maker MV” held the Game Development Challenge and won the PLAYISM Award. At present, after the balance adjustment of the game, it is close to the completion stage, and it is scheduled to be released on August 9, and the trial version is also released on the Steam platform.

The game’s story describes Timothy living happily in a small house with his grandfather. One day, his grandfather was unfortunately cursed and died. Desperately, Timothy remembered what his grandfather had told him about a tower built by the gods soaring into the sky. Grandfather once said that if he could reach the top of the tower, all his wishes would come true.

“Then, I can resurrect my grandfather!” Timothy, who was full of hope and courage in his small body, decided to climb to the top of the tower to resurrect his grandfather. The Tower of Mu is also ready to accept its next victim. There are traps and demons everywhere on the “Tower of Mu”, leaving mountains of corpses there. Are players strong and smart enough to withstand all this challenge?

The official pointed out that the game takes about 10 hours of action game to clear the customs, combined with 5 mazes with different styles. Although the game seems simple and easy to understand, players need to go through a lot of hard work to get started. The game will combine RPG, mini-games, and cooking elements.

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