Steps to weight loss without dieting


Many people spend a lot of money on gyms and healthy diets in hopes of getting a perfect body, although this can be done through simple habits that do not cost a lot of money and effort.

Additional steps

Walking helps you lose weight and improve your mood, you can add more steps on a daily basis without feeling bored or tired, with the possibility of integrating another activity, such as climbing stairs.

More water

Drinking water helps to hydrate the body and eliminate the feeling of hunger and fatigue. Many people eat large amounts of food because they think they are hungry, but they are thirsty.

More vegetables

Vegetables are foods rich in fiber and liquids, and their calories are low, giving them a sense of satiety without significant weight gain.

Sleep for enough hours

Numerous medical studies have shown that sleep is important for hours in maintaining a lean body: insomnia and anxiety cause the body to not burn and maintain calories and fat.

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Alcohol contains high calories, is an adjunct to overeating and guides the body to store fat.

Smaller dishes

One of the tricks recommended by dieticians to lose weight and reduce the amount of food consumed by a person, the use of smaller dishes, as it makes the food fuller faster, compared to eating in large dishes.

Record everything you eat

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to write down everything a person eats. According to a 2008 study, people who recorded everything they ate every day, including a sample of 1,700 people with obesity and being overweight, lost weight.



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