Steve Jobs also wanted to create an "Apple Card"


Before the Apple Card presented in March by Tim Cook, it was the Apple Card designed by Steve Jobs in 2004, says Ken Segall, former creative director of TBWA Chiat Day who rummaged through his archives.

In 2004, in full euphoria of iPod and iTunes, Steve had the idea of ​​proposing an "Apple Card" which, on the model of that of 2019, would have earned the credits of the owner to spend. In detail, what these "iPoints" would have been reserved for getting music on iTunes:

The advantage for Apple was enormous. With its card, Apple would not only earn money with purchases of its products, but would win with any purchase from its customers.

A partnership with MasterCard was discussed, but nothing emerged, apparently Jobs could not get the conditions he wanted. At the same time, the communication teams had started to cogitate on the messages explaining that the purchase of an article would give the right to a musical content and playing with it on the names of the artists.

This time another "Apple Card" was launched, continues Segall, at the time of the arrival of the Apple Store in 2001. It was an "Apple Pro Card" for business customers. The leitmotiv was: " Your passport to a world of advantages and privileges, designed exclusively for professional Mac users ".

The advantages in question consisted in a free transfer of data to a Power Mac G5, a "Pro Day" at the Apple Store with a 10% discount on the included installation software, the appointments at the Genius Bar guaranteed within 24 hours hours and a privileged communication on future promotions. This map has now disappeared from the radar.

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