Sticky Stamps! Kaesang Invites Nadya Arifta to Snack Cakwe on the Roadside


The news this time came from Kaesang Pangarep with her lover, Nadya arifta. Sticking like a postage stamp, this weekend Kaesang was seen taking Nadya Arifta for a snack on the side of the road.

This can be seen when Kaesang tries a new bus that belongs to Persis Solo. When he arrived at his destination, Kaesang got off and was followed by Nadya Arifta behind him.

Even though he doesn’t hold his lover intimately, Kaesang is always seen beside Nadya Arifta. Kaesang was also asked about how it feels to try out Persis Solo’s new bus.

“Mas Kaesang, how did it feel to try this new bus?” asked the reporter seen from one of the YouTube shows.

“You’re just normal, you have your own bus, you don’t want to rent it (not rent),” answered Kaesang.

Kaesang and Nadya Arifta eat cakwe Photo: YouTube

“Where was this around, sir?” asked the reporter again.

“No, I just want to buy cakwe. Uwis, let’s eat cakwe wae (let’s just eat cakwe)” said Kaesang again while evading what seemed like he didn’t want to be in the spotlight.

Nadya arifta continue to be beside Kaesang. But occasionally Nadya Arifta seems to be avoiding the camera. He didn’t seem to want many to see him.

“Come on, wis the videos are legal (come on, no need for videos),” said Kaesang again, laughing.

The two of them went straight to the cakwe baker who was already at the snack place. The arrival of Kaesang and Nadya Arifta was also in the spotlight there.

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Previously in Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast, Kaesang had talked about his date with Nadya Arifta.

“My question is, are you going to be protected by paspampres if you are dating?” asked Deddy Corbuzier.

“Yes, it is taken care of, it is still taken care of,” replied Kaesang Pangarep.

Feeling that he had never been in that position, Deddy Corbuzier was even more curious. He was confused because Kaesang Pangarep never had time to be alone with his girlfriend.

Deddy Corbuzier then teased the man who is also a businessman. If there is always Paspampres, it means that the activities carried out may be limited.

“So you can never date what do you do?” asked Deddy Corbuzier.

Kaesang Pangarep was confused about it. But then he claimed to be a good child.

“No, what are you doing? I’m a good kid,” Kaesang Pangarep replied.

“Yes, if you just hold hands (with your girlfriend) it’s okay. Paspampres is already feeling good, I think,” he continued, followed by laughter.

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