Still a beautiful woman: First lady Eva Pavlova shared pictures from her youth


Petr Pavel and Eva Pavlova

Petr Pavel and Eva Pavlova

First Lady Eva Pavlova has been very active on social networks in recent months. There, she shares various images from her life with her supporters and the supporters of her husband, the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, and she does not forget her childhood either. In one of the old photos, for example, she showed when her love for animals was born.

Eva Pavlova has never been very fond of social networks. But when her husband, Petr Pavel, became interested in the post of president of the republic, she created an account on Instagram so that she could show everyone what her family life looks like, what she does and what she likes to do. Since July last year, many different photos have been added to her profile. They depict both current events and, for example, the childhood years of the current first lady.

Childhood photos

Petr Pavel’s wife published several older photos in which she poses as a little girl. And she is holding a small kitten on one of them. She fell in love with animals at an early age. And she is loyal to them to this day. “Balm for soul and body. But having a pet takes time and a piece of heart,” she wrote alongside a series of pictures showing all the animals she’s had in her life. And Petr Pavel himself is an animal lover. After all, he and his wife take care of the cat. They also had a dog before.

And there are also photos from adolescence. On one of them Eva Pavlová dances with a smile, on another she is enjoying a sandwich. “So now back in time a little bit,” the first lady recalled. “Still a beautiful and nice woman,” people responded to her words.

Beautiful bride

Eva Pavlová is not afraid to reveal even important events from her life on the social network. For example, she also shared photos from the wedding that took place in 2004. “It suited you both very well,” the comments said. “You were beautifully elegant,” wrote another of the first lady’s supporters.

In addition, Eva Pavlová regularly shares pictures from her travels in the Czech Republic, when she and her husband depict various monuments, or also pictures of her daughter Eva, who she has from a previous marriage.

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