Still beautiful daughter Dary Rolins! Does it look more like mom or dad?

Laura, the daughter of the singer Dary Rolins, is only thirteen years old, but she is no longer a little girl. He begins to look like a woman who will soon be followed by the first suitors.

The proof is the photos that the singer recently published on social networks. Laura is on the latest with her beloved family dog ​​Foxinka, who also occasionally misses a bit of media attention. What do you say, beautiful girl, though?

Dara Rolins with her daughter Laura at last year’s Christmas tree. They were like a journal.

Birthday photography. When Dara Rolins celebrated her 49th birthday in early December, she also published a photo with Laura. She blows 14 candles on her birthday cake on March 25.

Last summer, Laura and her father, who is a lover of fast motorcycles, traveling in exotics or camping in nature, looked to wild Albania, just on a motorcycle. Who do you think Laura looks like more? To your father, the musician Matěj Homol, or to your famous mother? Dary Rolins’ relationship with the musician fell apart due to his adventurous nature.

The singer had more serious relationships with several men in her life, but none of them checked the time. He is most recently trying it with former Czech football player Pavel Nedvěd (49). She confided on social networks that she was maximally happy and boasted about the photos in love from the winter resort.

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