Still Billed Even If You Have Paid The Bill

I have paid my Akulaku bill on September 16, 2022 yesterday, via transfer virtual account. But as of today, September 22, 2022, there is still a billing. What irritates me is that every time someone picks up the phone, I just say hello and it’s immediately turned off.

Every time there is a WhatsApp billing, I have given all the evidence that the bill has been paid in full. Payment history is successful and there is proof of payment from the application for the bill. But there was never a reply, until another WhatsApp charged with a different number.

To this day, there are still people who charge via WhatsApp and telephone in the same way that makes them annoyed. It’s better if the debt is 10 million, it’s only 200 thousand but it’s arrived that’s it I was terrorized. After all, if you have already paid, why are you still being billed? How When do Akulaku office people work? Not all true. It’s better if collect it polite, this while angry. If collect polite, you are polite, customers are also polite.

OJK legal application, but billing is the same as illegal application, there is no ethics and attitude politeness.

Siti Khoirunisa
West Jakarta

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