Stocha appealed to Kozl’s interest, he may have felt one last chance in Slovan

Footballer Miroslav Stoch described his new engagement in Liberec as perhaps the last chance, where he transferred this week as a free agent. The former Slovak national team was particularly interested in coach Luboš Kozel, and Stoch believes that after the end in Lublin, Poland, he will soon return to fitness so that he can help Slovan in league battles. At the same time, they make no secret of the fact that he would still like to fight for foreign engagements.

“I was especially interested in the coach who called me personally, which happened to me for the first time in my life. He gave me time to think and then I said that I was going in and did not want to wait any longer. There were some offers, something was being addressed, something fell and I refused something again. Finally, Liberec came into the game, which appealed to me mainly due to the approach of the coach, “ Stoch said in an interview on the club website.

The former midfielder of Chelsea, Fenerbahce, Prague’s Slavia or PAOK Thessaloniki last played in Lubin, Poland. After the expiration of the contract, he was training in the three-league Motorlet Prague. In Liberec, where he signed a contract until the end of the season, he especially liked future plans.

“The coach gave me his idea and vision, which I really liked. I’ll do everything I can to get into the pace as soon as possible. It’s quite possibly my last chance to get caught. I realize that and I’ll put one hundred percent into it. I believe that it will work out, “ said the 31-year-old offensive footballer.

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However, due to a training shortage, he does not yet know when he will appear in the league match. “It remains to be seen. I can’t evaluate it yet, we will try to be ready as soon as possible. We’ll see, it’s a bit of a card playing for me, that there will be a national team break in a while. I’ll get about two weeks. “Then I’ll be in a completely different state than I am now,” said Stoch.

Liberec currently ranks 14th in the league with five points. According to Stoch, however, Slovan has more to do. “The start to the season was really not good, but for what the team met here, I believe that the situation will improve. And that the table will go up. As I said in previous interviews, Liberec does not belong where it is, and I think everything will get better, “ said the former representative.

The Slovak footballer likes the atmosphere in the cabin. “The mood is absolutely fantastic. The music is still playing, I can see smiles on my faces. I’m pleasantly surprised, even though I heard from a lot of people that the mood in Liberec is still positive. I believe it will continue like this us hard matches now, we’ll see if we get any points or not, “ Stoch said.

He believes that thanks to the new engagement, he will continue to succeed. “I’m not hiding the fact that I would like to try some foreign engagements, but it will depend mainly on me and my performances. If I play well, I can get somewhere. And if I don’t play, it won’t. There are only two variants.” added a native of Nitra.

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