Stock markets today 11 November: Asians up, weak EU lists

European stock exchanges closed positively in the aftermath of a session that ended in decline for Wall Street, conditioned by the acceleration of US prices, which have risen to the highest levels in over 30 years. The growth of infections throughout Europe is also worrying, with countries now evaluating new restrictions for the unvaccinated. The Asian sector, on the other hand, is on the rise, with Hong Kong breathing a sigh of relief after Evergrande avoided default by paying the coupons of as many bonds for a total of 148.1 million dollars. The decline in the traditional yen helps exporting companies to Tokyo, with the Nikkei ending the session up 0.59%. In Europe Milano increased by 0.26% at the end, London salt by 0.62 %%, Frankfurt 0.11 %% e Paris 0.2%. Opposed Wall Street: The Dow Jones lost 0.44% to 35921.24 points, while the Nasdaq gained 0.52% at 15,704.28 points and the S & P500 index was 0.06 to 4., 649.27 points.

Meanwhile, reassurances arrive from the ECB on the solidity of growth, even with the unknown price trend. “After two quarters of decline in output, euro area real GDP recovered in the second quarter of 2021 and is expected to further strengthen in the third”, writes the central bank in its bulletin, anticipating that ” GDP growth should remain dynamic in the near future, although slowing towards the end of the year “. However – we read – “the uncertainties related to the pandemic remain high”. There ECB sees “balanced” risks: supply bottlenecks and expensive energy could slow GDP, a more vigorous recovery in consumption could accelerate it. The Governing Council of the ECB “is ready to adjust all its instruments, where appropriate, to ensure that inflation stabilizes on the target set by the ECB of 2% in the medium term “, reads the bulletin, which also notes that inflation should continue to accelerate during 2021, and that” the current upturn will last longer than initially expected, but inflation is expected to decline over the next year “

It spread between BTP and German Bund it closed stable at 118 points, compared to yesterday’s closing. The yield of the Italian ten-year is unchanged at 0.93%.

Quotations of Petroleum little moves after yesterday’s sharp decline in expectations of a US decision to draw on oil reserves to ease price tension. The reference WTI crude oil changes hands at 81.4 dollars a barrel; Brent rose 0.18% to 81.4 dollars.

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