Stoke Discipline James McClean for calling a section of fans' cavemen & # 39;

James McClean was disciplined by Stoke after he called a section of the "uneducated cavemen" of the club's fans.

McClean's outburst on Instagram came after he was verbally mistreated by some home supporters during the championship clash with Middlesbrough last weekend for his refusal to wear a poppy for the Day of Remembrance on his t-shirt.

A statement on the Stoke website reads: "Stoke City's investigation of James McClean's social media post after last Saturday's Middlesbrough game ended and the player was treated under the terms of the club's disciplinary procedure. "

James McClean was disciplined after calling a section of "cave men" of Stoke fans

McClean has been mistreated by fans of Middlesbrough and Stoke last Saturday for not wearing a poppy

McClean reacted to fans at the time, then attacked the rapists in furious social media messages


James McClean has repeatedly found himself at the center of the controversy over his decision not to wear a poppy.

He was repeatedly whistled by his own fans for his choice, with the first incident in 2012 when his Sunderland team faced Everton.

He donated his shirt, signed, to be auctioned to help the Madonna Hospital for sick children in Dublin.

In 2014, in Wigan, McClean wrote a letter to then owner Dave Whelan explaining his reasons for abstention and the way he would wear a poppy if it meant only loss of life in the first and second world wars. .

"For the people of Northern Ireland like myself, and particularly those of Derry, scene of the Bloody Sunday massacre of 1972, the poppy has come to mean something very different," said McClean.

In a statement to Stoke supporters, McClean, an Irish Catholic who faced persistent abuses due to his poppy position, gave a qualified apology.

He said: "At last Saturday's match, a part of our supporters threatened and mistreated me because of my religious convictions and my education.

"I am sure that no fair person would consider it acceptable, but I recognize that, as a professional player, and therefore as a reference model, I am bound to tolerate it.

"Although I do not think it's appropriate for me to apologize to the fans who mistreated me, I want to apologize with all my heart to the overwhelming majority of Stoke City fans who, though they may have different opinions from me, are decent and respectful.

& # 39; I sincerely apologize for any offense I have caused them with my comments and posts on Instagram. & # 39;

Speaking of McClean's comments at a Thursday press conference, Stoke boss Gary Rowett told reporters: "I talked to James about it, I think his reaction was frustrating, but criticizing the minority of our fans is not the way to go and we can not forgive it.

"But, when you understand the background of his convictions and see that his family has been sent death threats, his wife and children have been abused and you see that things have been sent to him in the post, you can understand why he reacts. human. & # 39;

McClean has also issued a statement on his Instagram calling the "uneducated cavemen" of the fans

On the Sunday after the 0-0 with Boro, McClean directed his anger against Stoke's supporters who had whistled him.

He wrote: "Your abuse, your throws, your whistles, do the worst, to the house fans who have been educated and support me, thank you.

"To the section of untrained cavemen in the left corner of Boothen End who want to sing their anti-Irish song every game and call me Fenian this and that … I'm a FANTASTIC PHOENIC who will never change that , so sing. "

McClean is originally from Derry, Northern Ireland, and grew up in the Creggan estate where six of the people killed in Bloody Sunday lived. The bloody Sunday saw 28 unarmed civilians shot by British soldiers in a peaceful protest demonstration.

McClean also criticized an AF investigation on his reaction to abuse after the game

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