Stoltenberg: the conflict in Ukraine has created the most dangerous situation in Europe since World War II

War Ukraine has the most dangerous situation that has existed in Europe since the Second World War, he said on July 4 NATO general secretary Jens Stoltenberginforms the media “Reuters”.

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In order for Moscow not to succeed, NATO and its member states must be ready to continue supporting Ukraine with armaments and other necessary assistance for a long time, Stoltenberg said.

“It is in our interest that this kind of aggressive policy does not succeed. What is happening in Ukraine is terrible, but everything could be much worse if there was a war between Russia and NATO,” the former Norwegian prime minister said in a speech in his native country.

Stoltenberg stressed that the military alliance must prevent of Russia escalation of the invasion made. “This is the most dangerous situation Europe has seen since World War II. (..) Russia must not be allowed to win.”

“If the president of Russia Vladimir Putin thinks to act similarly against one of the NATO members, as he has done against Georgia, Moldova or Ukraine, then the entire NATO alliance will immediately be involved,” explained Stoltenberg.

“This is not just an attack for Ukrainean independent democratic nation with more than 40 million inhabitants, it is also an attack on our values ​​and the world order that we want,” quoting the NATO Secretary General, writes “Reuters”.

Russian invasion of Ukraine with rocket fire, airstrikes and the arrival of ground forces began in the early morning of February 24.

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The occupiers in Ukraine have suffered heavy losses and are accused of deliberate killing of civilians, as well as other war crimes. The atrocities of the occupiers began to come to light en masse after the Ukrainians drove them out of areas around Kyiv, such as Bucha.

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