Stone! It will take your heart! A charming video that every hockey soul is amazed by

A bet on the story, on the detail, on the emotions associated with loved ones. All of this is evident from the piece that the ice hockey Ice Bears from Pelhřimov came with as recruiting material.

Simple on the surface, but definitely nothing sloppy, and definitely nothing that can be done in five minutes. The authors really played with the theme for a small club and can be proud of their result.

“There are two ideas in the video. The first is generally that everyone can play hockey. But since we ourselves know that not everyone can afford it, we show that it is also for children who would not normally have that chance,” says Bezděk for the website

He recalls that the creation of the video cost a lot of time, the efforts of children, coaches, parents … “I can’t even count how much time we spent on it. Each scene lasted several hours, and the result in the video is sometimes not even ten seconds long,” the youth coach continues.

Enthusiastically, he was obviously passionate about the idea and was able to transfer it to those around him. “Of course, there are some recruitment videos in the Czech Republic, but we tried to do it a little differently, not just in the form of shots where children are playing, rolling on the ice and the like. We wanted to take it from a different side and I think our video can help other clubs in recruitment as such, because the whole republic is dealing with this problem.”

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The coach recalls what was the most difficult… “Agreeing on the script. To the greatest extent, it was the work of Michal Burda, who wrote, shot and edited the whole thing. We spent a lot of time trying to agree with the coaches and parents on what it would look like. And he and the whole filming process was quite complicated, because each scene was shot in a different location and the entire crew, including equipment and lighting, had to go somewhere.”

The coach believes that children like the video, but it should mainly target parents. “It has to appeal to them, because we know that a five- or six-year-old child usually does not come to the cold alone. The parent must also want to support the child a little. For the most part, it is aimed at adults, at parents, so that they can give their child that chance,” says the coach from Pelhřim, adding that they don’t have that many in the children’s club, but compared to larger towns in the vicinity, such as Jihlava , Havlíčkův Brod, Třebíč, are a bit behind. “I believe that it could change in a few years,” he adds for

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