Stone robber strikes three times in Heerenveen’s monument – Heerenveen

An unknown man has stolen stones three times from the monumental Le Roy Garden, or the Eco Cathedral, in Heerenveen.

A local resident saw the stone robber strike both Thursday and Saturday. When this person spoke to the man about his objections to his action, the tile thief said he had nothing to do with it.

The neighbor of the Ecokathedraal Heerenveen Midden, as the monumental Le Roy Garden is officially called, took a picture of the man and his car when loading tiles and bricks. The De Tijd Foundation, which manages the garden, posted the picture on Facebook.

Although the message has now been shared 43 times, the identity of the man is as yet unknown, according to master builder Peter Wouda. ,, Wy in the net on you to protect this man in great fines. Wy wolle allinnich please tell me that this is just chin. “”

It happens “sa no and then there is a risk that someone takes stones from it. Usually it immediately stops at a pinch. “Ofblue”, “said Wouda. It’s not that De Tijd never grants anyone cheap stones. Because if someone asks nicely, there is ,, in heel soad mooglik. And then wize wy sels what oan. Because hjir leit genôch. “”

The thief was aiming for building material from the former parking lot of the Europalaan Church, the current Trinitas church building. “He’s a” blessed “stone tour”, says Wouda. “From church to cathedral.”


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