Stop arrest for May: Parliament now speaks with the expiration of Brexit


The British House of Commons and the House of Commons have agreed a law that gives parliamentarians more say in proposing a new deadline for Brexit. The May administration sharply criticized the vote.

The Parliament of the United Kingdom has secured by law the request for renewal of the Brexit by London. The controversial law was approved only with modifications in the upper house, the lower house has therefore accepted the changes and the Queen has consented.

During the night, the government submitted an application to ask the other 27 Member States to extend the deadline until June 30th. It is expected that the lower house will discuss the motion this Tuesday, and the deputies could propose another date. The purpose of the law is to prevent the departure of the British from the EU without the Brexit agreement this Friday.

It is unclear if you change anything, because Prime Minister Theresa May still wanted to attend the EU Special Summit this Wednesday to approve June 30 as a new deadline. The government had rejected the proposal submitted by Labor MP Yvette Cooper as unnecessary. However, the House of Commons last week approved by a majority of single votes.

The government criticizes the law as a "big mistake"

As a result, the government responded after the polls in the evening. "This is a big problem," government representative Andrea Leadsom said. Previously the government had criticized the fact that the law would limit its scope in the negotiations with the EU.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister May will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) first in Berlin and then French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

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