Stop Eating Fried Cabbage! Danger If Frequent Consumption Can Trigger Cancer?

AYOSEMARANG.COM — Fried cauliflower for some people is a culinary favorite. But the fact is, this food has bad effect and danger for health if you often consume it.

Fried cauliflower is considered by some to be a food that adds to the appetite, especially when used as a side dish for fresh vegetables. Wow, even better!

If not fried, cabbage actually contains nutrients that are good for the body.

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In cabbage has a compound that is able to fight potency cancer. In addition, it is also found in cabbage, namely sulforaphane.

It is known, sulforaphane has excellent power to inhibit harmful enzymes in the body such as histone deacetylase (HDAC), which is considered to be very involved in cell development. cancer.

However, when fried cabbage contains heterocyclic amine compounds which are dangerous and can trigger it cancer.

Not only that, charcoal fried into greasy foods and contain excess fat as well cholesterol the highest.

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