"Stop putting children in prison": a native boy asks the United Nations to help end youth detention – video | News in Australia


"I came here to talk to you because the Australian government is not listening," 12-year-old Dujuan Hoosan told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. "The government never listens to children like me, but we have important things to say," he said. Speaking on behalf of the Human Rights Center, Hoosan spoke about his struggles with the Australian school system and the importance of indigenous-led education. & # 39; I want my school run by Aboriginal people. I want the adults to stop putting 10-year-olds in prison, "he said. His journey is presented in the next documentary In My Blood It Runs, which observes how the Australian education system fails to integrate the indigenous history and learning

I'm cheeky, but no child should be in prison. This is why I turned to the United Nations at just 12 years old | Dujuan Hoosan



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