Stop with "Yalla Kora": draw a quarter and a half of heroes at a time


A source from the African Football Confederation (CAF) revealed that the draw for the African Champions League quarter-finals will take place on the same day, as in the last edition of the tournament.

"The draw for the Champions League will be on Wednesday and the road will be determined until the final of the tournament," an internal source of K Kaysa told the newspaper Yalla Koura on Saturday.

"The clubs participating in the quarter-finals will know their way to the final and will determine the owner of the land and the guest in the second round and then before the final and the final."

The quarter-final of the Champions League was completed on Saturday, with Ahli playing against the youngsters of Sundowns, Horia or Constantine (see details).

The draw of the African Champions League will be held next Wednesday, during which Ahli will know his career in the complete tournament, which will be held in the final on May 31st or June 1st.

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