World Stories: Stray dog ​​found a home and a...

Stories: [VER HISTORIA] Stray dog ​​found a home and a job in a co

Persistence takes you far. This phrase perfectly sums up the of a who always visited a dealership of a well-known car brand in until , they “hired” him and he became a . Simply adorable!

It all started at the beginning of the year when the staff of the Hyundai Prime dealership noticed the dog that always visited their facilities. Believing that it was only going to be something temporary, what they did not know was that the dog had every intention of staying. And they allowed it.

It was so the dealer decided to adopt the dog and christened him ‘Tucson Prime’, hiring him on the spot as his new sales representative and giving him a badge with his photo, his name and all his personal information, reported the animal portal .

While the adoption of ‘Tucson Prime’ took place last May, the news became relevant again a few days after He shared some images of his “professional can-sultor” on his Instagram account.

The dealership workers revealed that their initial plan was simply to provide a shelter for the dog; however, his ability to greet and interact with arriving customers earned him a promotion.

‘Tucson Prime’ won the hearts of the staff of a car dealership thanks to its caring and docile nature, as well as its excellent customer service. | Credit: @tucson_prime / Instagram.

In statements to the Top Motors Brasil portal, Dealer showroom manager Emerson Mariano said feedback on ‘Tucson Prime’ customer service was “extremely positive.”

Likewise, Mariano specified that the environment within the organization improved thanks to “Nature quite loving and docile” of the dog, pointing out that many buyers returned to the store just to greet him and give him gifts.

The dealer’s showroom manager said that He made the decision to open the doors of the premises to the dog when he saw him shivering with cold during a very rainy night, offering him food and water while he took shelter in the bad weather.

That was enough for Mariano to instantly fall in love with the dog and suggested to the board to adopt ‘Tucson Prime’ as the dealer’s mascot, leading by example that they are a company “pet friendly” adopting an abandoned animal.

It should be noted that ‘Tucson Prime’ was taken to the vet to get all the necessary vaccinations and Not only has he become a member of the work team, but it seems that he will star in Hyundai’s nationwide advertising campaign for Brazil.



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