Storm Danielle turns around and heads towards Portugal

Tropical Storm Danielle, which is located northwest of the Azores archipelago, changed course. Initially, it was headed for the United Kingdom, but it took a turn and now has its sights on the Iberian Peninsula. According to the forecasts of Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), the storm is expected to hit mainland Portugal on Sunday afternoon, bringing precipitation and strong winds.

The phenomenon had been classified as a hurricane, but due to the loss of intensity, the North American Center for Hurricanes changed the category to tropical storm. Alexandra Fonseca, meteorologist at IPMA, explains to SIC Notícias that “is losing intensity and will continue to lose”. At this point, the models have a large associated uncertainty, and the authorities are carrying out a “very tight surveillance” to tempest.

The graphs released by IPMA show that the storm will make an almost complete turn to the northwest of the Azores. “What’s going to happen is that the system – which was a hurricane and is now a tropical storm – is going to interact with a depression that’s in the North Atlantic and they’re going to merge. That’s why he can follow that trajectory, marked by the core of depression”, explains the meteorologist.

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