storm line in transit, there are regions at risk of hail in the next few hours »

Meteo Chronicle Direct: storm line in transit, there are regions at risk of hail in the next few hours

Thunderstorms and hail risk in the next few hoursA small one distraction by the new high pressure of African origin, it is favoring the transit of a fast storm front which already during the night passed over some areas of the North where in the next few hours it will cause some more thunderstorm on the alpine and pre-alpine area of ​​the Northeast and on some parts of the plain between Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and eastern Emilia.

On the rest of the country, on the other hand, the high pressure continues to keep a good watch and the weather remains very stable with temperatures on the rise.

But what will happen then in the next few hours? The storm line will move its center of gravity further eastwards during the morning, maintaining conditions of greater instability over much of the Triveneto area up to eastern Emilia. Showers also thunderstorms they will hit not only the reliefs, but also many sections of the respective plains with the risk of some hailstorms and strong ventilation from the north-western quadrants. As the hours pass, the strong atmospheric instability will concentrate mainly on the heights of the Northeast, but in the course of the afternoon also on many stretches of the central Apennine ridge. Also on these areas there will be strong thunderstorms with intense gusts of wind and local hailstorms.

The thunderstorm phase will then be destined to lose energy as the sun goes down when the weather forecast will come back quietly in small steps.

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Little to report on the rest of the country where the warm and good weather will dominate undisturbed thanks to the increasingly intrusive presence of African high pressure ready to envelop the whole of our country with greater decision.

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